Blog 9 – IA

1. What is the purpose of metadata? What are the categories of metadata?

Metadata is definitional data that may include descriptive information about the context, quality, and condition, or characteristics of the data


  • Structural metadata: Describes the information of the document
  • Descriptive metadata: Enables the type of document to be identified
  • Identified the relationship of the document to the business context

Reference: LectureNotes

2. What is a controlled vocabulary? How is a controlled vocabulary beneficial to a web siteand/or organisation?

• A Controlled Vocabulary is a list of equivalent terms in the form of a synonym ring, or a list of preferred terms in the form of an authority file

  • A CV is in reality a “concept map” of what is on your site
  • Helps with category analysis or keeping your categories distinct
  • Helps establish a site’s navigation
  • Is the basis for personalisation features
  • Help with preparation for CMS or knowledge management projects
  • Gets the organisation using the same language as the users

Reference: LectureNotes

3. List the four main types of controlled vocabularies.

  • Synonym Rings
  • Authority Files
  • Classification Schemes / Taxonomy
  • Thesauir

4. What is the purpose of a synonym ring? Give examples of terms that would be
considered equivalent under a synonym ring. What might happened during a search if you didn’t use a synonym ring? (Give an example.)

A synonym ring connects a set of words that are defined as equivalent for the purposes of retrieval


For example, when a user do a search without a synonym ring, lets say that user searched for “filing cabinet” in a website without synonym rings, he/she would have results for only filing cabinet. However, with synonym ring, other related office equipment will be shown as well.
5. What is the purpose of an authority file? Describe how an authority file can educate usersduring search.

An authority file is a list of preferred terms or acceptable values (does not include variants or synonyms). Authority files have traditionally been used largely by libraries and government agencies to define the proper names for a set of entities within a limited domain
6. Create an authority file for abbreviations of the Australian states and territories
(Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria,South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory).

Queensland – QLD

New South Wales – NSW

South Australia -SA

Australian Capital Territory – ACT

Victoria – VIC

South Australia – SA

Western Australia – WA

Northern Territory – NT
7. Describe the purpose of a classification scheme. How does a web site benefit from aclassification scheme?

• Classification schemes (or taxonomy) mean a hierarchical arrangement of preferred terms ,Organisation of objects according to some principles

  • Linnean taxonomy (for living organisms)
  • Web directories (e.g., Yahoo or ODP)
  • Corporate directories
  • Organisation charts

Reference: LectureNotes
8. Create a classification scheme for several major dog breeds based on whether the dog is toy, small, medium, large, or giant.

Toy :  Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle

Small: Beagle, Dachshund

Medium: Labrador Retriever, Bulldog, Boxer

Large: German Shepherd Dog, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler

Giant: Kuvasz, Landseer, St. Bernard

9. Optional* What is the Library of Congress Classification Scheme (LCC)?
10. Optional* What is the Machine Readable Catalogue (MARC) standards?
11. What topics would the following codes retrieve under Dewey Decimal Classification:
a. 025.524

  • Information search & retrieval

b. 787.87092

  • Ensembles, voices, instruments

c. 641.623

  • Food & drink

d. 634.772

  • Orchards & their fruits

e. 522.29

  • Techniques, equipment, materials

12. Optional* Describe the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.
13. Optional* Describe the purpose of the AGLS Metadata Standard.
14. Optional* What is meant by the term “bubble-up folksonomy”?
15. Optional* What are the differences between taxonomy and folksonomy?
16. What is the purpose of thesauri? How is a thesaurus beneficial to searching on a website?

• A thesaurus is a CV in which equivalence, hierarchical, and associative relationships are identified for the purposes of improved retrieval

  • The preferred term is the centre of its own network
  • Equivalence relationship is focused on synonym management
  • Hierarchical relationship enables the classification of preferred terms into categories and subcategories
  • Associative relationship provides for meaningful connections that aren’t handled by the hierarchical or equivalence relationships

Reference: LectureNotes

17. Optional* Define the following terms and describe how they are used by thesauri:
a. Equivalence relationship
b. Hierarchical relationship
c. Equivalence relationship
18. Optional* In terms of thesauri, provide definitions for the following:
a. Preferred Term
b. Variant Term
c. Broader Term
d. Narrower Term


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