Introduction !

Hello, my name is Younghan Kim (Michael) and this is my blog for Information and Content Management – 3623ICT
My e-mail address is

1. What degree are you doing?

– I am currently studying a Bachelor of IT at Griffith University, Nathan campus.

2. How soon until you graduate?

– Hopefully, this is my last semester until I finish my degree.

3. What do you think this subject is about, and what do you hope to get out of it?

– The purpose of this course (Information and Content Management – 3623ICT) is to let us know how to manage large volumes of information in a proper manner that is easily accessible, purposeful, and fascinate the end users.

4. Who else do you know is doing the course and who you might potentially want to work in a group with?

  • Fotini Rassias
  • Gavin Wong
  • Dario Giavante
  • Adrianna Rassias

It would be great if I can work in a group with them.

5. Have you ever maintained a blog before?

– Yes, I have experience of managing personal blog before. The information that I posted on the blog was about food, popular place, latest IT devices and personal life.

6. What job are you interested in once you graduate?

– I am interested in software developing and network security job but to be honest, those are my wish jobs but I am enjoying my studies now. I may consider other positions as well.


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